About New ID

New ID is a new international business innovation festival uniting trailblazers from all walks of life. It will take place in the startup-hub Berlin where it will link pressing questions about the future of work and human emotions.

Digitalization is part of everyone’s life. It’s omnipresent, often not understood and sometimes feared. You can’t escape its influence, its appeal, its seduction. Technology presents us with the mirror of the future and evokes strong, mostly polarizing emotions: Either ‘good’ or ‘bad’ – but never neutral.

At New ID, our participants are the core of the festival. By providing a unique mixture of innovative and collaborative conference formats, we are taking them on an emotional journey where they get a chance to share and question their own feelings towards digitalization. Follow us via #NewID2017


Quadriga empowers professionals regarding their occupational development and future competence. Being a company in Berlin with an international focus, we act as a think tank for all topics and requirements concerning professionalization. Our numerous business events connect professionals throughout the whole course of their careers and involve them as masterminds within their profession. Find further info here: www.quadriga.eu