Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for New ID, organised by Quadriga Media Berlin GmbH.

New ID will take place from August 24th through August 26 2017 at selected locations in the city of Berlin, Germany.

For the purposes of these terms and conditions, the Organiser is Quadriga Media Berlin GmbH, acting in its capacity as the organiser of the Event. By attending the conference as visitor, or submitting presentations and thereby agreeing to speak at the Conference, you agree to the following terms and conditions.



The prices are understood plus VAT.


Tickets for the event can be cancelled as follows: if a previous booking is cancelled and no replacement participant can be found, the following cancellation charges will be incurred:

  • Cancellation takes place until Friday,  July 7 2017: 100€
  • Cancellation takes place after Friday, July 7 2017: 100% of total price
  • Please note that cancellations should be in written form


The hosts reserve the right to cancel or to reschedule the location or time, or to arrange a substitute speaker, if this is absolutely necessary due to an unforeseen problem with the speaker, or other unforeseen reasons which are out of the control of the the organisers. In these cases, the hosts are not required to compensate travel or accommodation costs, loss of working time, or other damages, and in other cases only when there is gross negligence. If relocation is not reasonably possible for the participant, then (s)he is entitled to cancel the booking immediately and free of charge.


Please be aware that some of the sessions and events during the festival will be filmed and photographed. Films and photographs will be available at www.newid-berlin.com.  Participants can request the removal of a picture or video segment in which they are portrayed at any given time. Please note that those pictures will be published in Quadriga Media Berlin’s brochures and on their websites.


The participant accepts that his/her contact data will be used by Quadriga Media Berlin GmbH and its media partner pressesprecher to receive information material (e.g. newsletter, brochures). The data will not be forwarded to third parties.


By submitting presentations and thereby agreeing to speak at the Conference, speakers you agree to the following terms and conditions.



Number of Submissions: A maximum of 3 submissions will be accepted for every speaker.

Acceptance: We offer no guarantee that any submissions will be accepted.

Submission Method:  If you wish to submit, you must be 18 years old by the date of the event and complete the following submission form.

Submission Deadline: The deadline for Submissions is Monday, May 15 2017 at 12 pm CET. The Organiser reserves the right to request clarification or additional information about Submissions if required.

Copyright: You warrant that the content of your submission is original and does not infringe the copyright of any third party. If the materials in your Submission are the work of others, this needs to be properly credited. In case you were chosen to present your submission, you agree to obtain and pay for any necessary grant of permission for use of such materials before the festival.

Availability: With your submission you guarantee that you will be able to attend and speak at the conference. The organiser will determine the date and time of your presentation. You will be informed about your time slot at earliest convenience.

Content: The language for all submissions is English. All relevant documents will be requested in electronic format.

Advisory Committee: The Advisory Committee will have full access to all Submissions and supporting information in order to review the content and make selections. All relevant decisions will be final when selecting which submissions will be included for presentation at the Conference.

Notification: You will be informed by email by Friday, April 28 2017 as to whether your Submission has been accepted or rejected upon completion of the Advisory Committee review process.

Confidentiality: The Organiser agrees to treat the content of all Submissions as confidential.



Presentations: In case you were selected to present your submission at the festival, the organiser has the right to record, copy and publish your content, name, image, likeness, voice, biography and abstract in all media, including print, internet and electronic formats, for the purposes of the Conference and marketing the Conference. You declare that none of the content in your presentation is defamatory of any third party, obscene, indecent, blasphemous, in contempt of court or in any other way unlawful, or make the Organiser liable in any way to any third party. The Organiser shall be entitled to edit or vary any written material prior to publication (and you agree to waive you moral rights for this purpose), but shall, if practicable, supply to you prior to publication a copy of any such material so edited or varied.  You agree that the views expressed as part of your presentation cannot be presented as those of or shared by the conference, the organiser or any affiliate, officer, agent or employee thereof.

Accommodation and Travel Costs: Accommodation, travel costs and any other expenses incurred by you in relation to the Conference will not be reimbursed by the organiser.

Cancellation: If  you are not able to speak at the Conference the Organiser will select an alternative from the initial Submissions received and your speaking slot will be forfeited.

Changes to Presentation description: Once your Submission has been selected, you are not permitted to substantially change the topic or outline of the session.



Organiser’s Liability: If you suffer loss or inconvenience because of the failures of persons or systems that we do not directly control, we will not be held liable – for example, mobile phone network operators, internet service providers, postal services, software providers and telephone traffic handlers.



Quadriga Media Berlin GmbH


Place of jurisdiction

Berlin, Germany.